Best Accessories for iPad Pro

Apple's iPad Pro is a device between mobile phone and laptop. Its screen is bigger than a mobile phone, and it’s not as heavy as a laptop, so for office workers its design is especially attractive. The product quality of official iPad Pro accessories is absolutely guaranteed, but they’re overpriced too. And Apple doesn't offer a wide variety of accessories.

Generally speaking, a Handset Screen Guard Film, a holder and an iPad cover are the top 3 necessary accessories. And also, a USB flash disk is a good way to increase your iPad Pro’s memory. In addition, if you often carry your iPad Pro out, you’d better have a power bank for it. These accessories above could protect your device and make your iPad Pro more convenient to use. Today, we recommend two crazy accessories for iPad Pro, which would make your iPad Pro become amazing practical.


There must be a lot of gamers among iPad Pro users, who enjoy playing air combat, fighting, or first person shooter games. However, your finger would easily become very tired with the long gaming time. Actually a joystick can solve this problem; it can make your gaming experience cooler, greater and more fun.

Multi-Function Wireless Charger

You want to display a video and give a presentation on a big screen? Or you just want to display your iPad Pro screen with a keyboard and mouse? Such ideas are not so crazy today. Now there are more and more manufacturers produce accessories for Apple, and their creativity is really wonderful. Here, let’s look at Zendure’s unreleased product, Axis, a multifunctional charger.

3-in-1 Zendure Axis: USB-C PD adapter + USB-C Hub + wireless charger

It’s a DeX mode provider.

The biggest difference between Axis and other normal charger is that it has the useful and popular feature: supporting DeX mode, a user-friendly function that allow you to enjoy a desktop environment. Simply connect your Android phone or other DeX compatible device to an HDMI monitor with Axis, then the desktop environment is brought to your phone. You don’t need to carry two or more heavy and large devices for work then, just multitask on your phone or iPad, including photo-editing, word-processing, conversation, games, and more.

It’s a wireless charger with cooling system.

Wireless charging is great, but it really generates much heat and cause a bad charging experience, if you have tried it you’d agree, I believe. Axis is an improved wireless charger because it has a built-in cooling system to low the temperature of charging process. Wireless charging has become so safe and proper this time.

It provides a versatile USB-C Hub.

USB-C Hub is a high-tech that enables you to achieve data transmission between devices. Now you could transfer your files or large videos by Axis. Data transmission has become so simple and convenient this time.

It’s powerful with universal connectivity.

Axis could provide three different charging modes for up to four devices: the built-in USB-C connector cable can offer up to 60W output while the other offers 18W output, the standard USB-A port charges your iPhone with a maximum 18W output. Its charging speed is at the forefront of the market. However, it won’t charge your device with the maximum power, with Zendure’s newly developed quick charge management system (QMS), Axis automatically fine-tunes the output for different devices and charges them at their optimum speed. It means that the recharged devices could get the same or even better charging performance than its native chargers.

Zendure Axis will crowdfund on Kickstarter in 2019 with an early bird price.

Packing all kinds of accessories, an iPad Pro or a mobile phone would be really powerful and useful than what you can imagine, and mobile office would be more realistic. With these devices and accessories, you’d deal with business anytime and anywhere. Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch once said that the iPad Pro is a lightweight equipment from the outside look, but the performance of is definitely heavyweight. If you think your mobile phone screen is too small, but you’re not willing to change a large screen phone, an iPad would be a good choice.