Back to School Essentials for Tech Lovers

Get your pencils. Get your crayons. You need that. But we all know that.

What if you are a tech lover and being basic is not sufficient for you?

Bluetooth Earphones

Sometimes teachers don’t turn up to class. You could be sitting there for an hour or two without doing anything. Not everyone wants to study while waiting. Not everyone needs to. Bluetooth earphones are fantastic when it comes to listening to music or perhaps watching your favorite podcast while staying discreet.

What if you want to revise some notes? Listening is easier than reading.

And you never know what kind of students are looking at you. Bluetooth earphones are more discreet than traditional earphones with cables.

Portable Charger

While it’s probably not a good idea to have your phone out in class, you might need it when you are not in class. 

You might need it after school. Phones can sometimes lose battery even when you are not using them. A portable charger will make sure you won’t be out of battery when you leave school.  

And if you are looking for something that will charge your phone fast, Zendure A8 QC will charge your phone fast with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. And if you need to charge your earphones too, there are four USB ports present. You can even charge your friends phone. 


When it comes to doing projects, best projects are done on a computer. And that’s whether they end up being printed or written.

That’s because when you write on a computer or even your phone, you can edit easily. What you write on paper stays on paper, unless you decide to re-write something completely. But even then, if you find that you want to change something again, you need to re-write it again. 

Having a laptop or a computer can improve the quality of your work. 

And yes, computers might not be allowed in school but if you ask a teacher and explain how it benefits, they will more likely allow you to use one. And if not, you can always work on a project at home.

A laptop is definitely one of the back to school essentials for tech lovers.


Look into your pocket. Find a broken cable. It happens. It happens a lot. Without a working cable, you can't charge your device. You can't even transfer any content. 

And even if you have a working cable, you might want to have a spare one so that your friend can charge their phone too. Being somebody with a cable is the equivalent of somebody with a ball when it comes to being out of battery on your phone. 

That's why you need to have a few cables. And if you have an iPhone, Zendure Lighting Cables have gone through bending and have been flexed thousands of times in order to make sure that they will not break easily.

A Backpack With a Lock

If you are carrying technology in school, you want to protect it. Lockers are great, but they can also be opened.

Backpacks can be opened even easier. It's not hard to unzip a backpack.

So what? Is that it? Should you not bring your technology to school because somebody might steal it? No. Bring it but have a lock on your backpack. And a lot more backpacks are coming with lockers recently. It’s one of those back to school essentials for tech lovers. You don't want your technology to get stolen.

And it doesn’t just prevent theft. Do you remember seeing students unzipping backpacks just to flip them upside down? They can’t do that if they can’t open your backpack.


Not everyone needs this stuff. At the end of the day, it’s about having everything you need to learn to your full potential. 

These things will simply make your life easier. They won’t necessarily make you better. But these are some of the most important back to school essentials for tech lovers.

Written by Michael Smolski