How to Quick Charge OnePlus 6

The newly released OnePlus 6 has three obvious characteristics: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 8GB internal memory and a 6.28 inch screen. It’s pretty clear that OnePlus 6 is one of the most powerful Android phones of 2018. But we noticed that the hottest wireless charging technology of this year is not added to OnePlus 6. Wireless charging is welcomed by some people, but it’s slower than wired charging. As people use mobile phones more and more frequently, the faster the phone is charged, the better. Quick charging has become an important factor for people who are purchasing mobile phones, power banks and other accessories.

OnePlus 6 features "dash charging" for high-speed charging with their official cable. This is necessary to achieve the fast-charging. However, unlike other Android smart phone brands such as OPPO and Huawei, there are no official dedicated power banks offered for OnePlus 6. Therefore, when choosing a third-party power bank for OnePlus 6, it's important to consider compatibility. Before we get to that, consider the principle of quick charging.

How Fast Charging Works

Fast charging works to charge your smartphone more quickly than conventional charging. There are two ways to do this. One is to increase the charging current to maximize the charging efficiency, and the other is to charge at a higher voltage. However, smart phones, power banks and chargers must be compatible with the same charging voltage and current, otherwise using quick charging may be much slower than expected. And if the charging products are non-certified, charging efficiency is also difficult to guarantee. Therefore, compatibility and technical certification crucial to achieve fast charging. Qualcomm's QC fast-charging technology has the highest market share in the field of smart phones, which is widely recognized by users.

Notes About Quick Charge

Many people ask, why does my phone heat up when it’s charging? People worry that fast charging will damage the battery. Generally, whether its quick charging or ordinary charging, excessive heat can damage a battery. Fast charging heats the phone a little more, but when it works correctly this heat is within a safe and reasonable range. If you want to save time and enjoy the convenience of fast charging power banks, what are the considerations?

Shop Power Banks Now

Zendure's A8 QC has certified Qualcomm QC 3.0 Technology, compatibility with lots of devices including OnePlus 6, ZEN+ Technology and 26,800mAh capacity.

A8 QC's "Power Monster" Features

  1. Thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, A8 QC is one of the fastest charging external batteries for Quick Charge devices on the market for its capacity.
  2. The charging protocol used by the OnePlus 6 is 5V/4A 20W, and A8 QC's dedicated QC3.0 Port can output 5-6V/3.0A, 6-9V/2.0A, 9-12V/1.5A when connected to a compatible QC3.0 device. This means two are compatible with each other.
  3. The other three ports with ZEN+ Technology automatically detect your device and fine-tune the output to charge it at maximum speed.
  4. With 26,800mAh capacity, A8 QC can easily extend your phone usage 7-9 times, and takes only 10-12 hours to fully recharge using a QC3.0 charger. People like to call the A8 their "four-day weekend warrior." You may go so long without recharging it so that you will forget what a power outlet looks like. And thanks to its four USB output ports, so will your friends.

Smart phones have become an indispensable part of our life. As we use mobile phones more and more frequently, the phone battery power drops dramatically, and the smart phone’s battery life is a major concern. Luckily, with Quick Charge technology and a Quick Charge power bank, no matter where we are, we can charge our rapid-charging devices worry free.